What is Industrial Design :

            This is the art of matching aesthetics, ergonics, standards, semiology, uses, budgets,… for a specific type of clients. To achieve that, an industrial designer need to become an expert in various fields depending of your needs and brings you advices and his skills. 
            We can follow the project from the beginning (marketing input) to the end (commercial launch) and maybe more (aftermarket).
             Horology, car industry, videogames and a lot others works with industrial designers. What about you ?

What is UI & UX :

            UI (for User Interface) and UX (for User eXperience) are linked to industrial design. They are often mingled but it’s two differents things. UI is called HMI (Human-Machine Interface). It’s the command for the user and how the informations are displayed. UX is the path of the user through the usage of the product or service.