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For information: if you want to reduce the costs of the service, we advise you to select " Remote ".
Indeed, the services "in class" " require additional costs (travel, temporary accommodation, extended hours (due to additional travel time), ...) in addition to the operating costs of the studio (licenses, equipment, electricity, ...).
This last type of service also requires the customer to buy or rent a high-performance machine and expensive software licenses.

For technical reasons, we no longer use Skype. We replaced this tool with Discord.
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  • review rating 5  Super travail, Professionnel, A l'écoute du client.

    thumb Simon Deligny
  • review rating 5  Merci beaucoup, notre site est super et les vidéos rendent très bien dans notre escape game.

    thumb mirror mirror escape game
  • review rating 5  Un professionnel aux idées originales et innovantes

    thumb Christiane BALDIBIA

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