What is Industrial Design :

            This is the art of matching aesthetics, ergonics, standards, semiology, uses, budgets,… for a specific type of clients. To achieve that, an industrial designer need to become an expert in various fields depending of your needs and brings you advices and his skills. 

            We can follow the project from the beginning (marketing input) to the end (commercial launch) and maybe more (aftermarket).

             Horology, car industry, videogames and a lot others works with industrial designers. What about you ?

What is UI & UX :

            UI (for User Interface) and UX (for User eXperience) are linked to industrial design. They are often mingled but it’s two differents things. UI is called HMI (Human-Machine Interface). It’s the command for the user and how the informations are displayed. UX is the path of the user through the usage of the product or service.

What is Graphic Design :

            To control your brand identity, a good graphic design is important. A logo with a strong identity and message which represent correctly your values is a good way to confort your clients that you own a serious business. 

What is CAD Modeling :

            CAD Modeling (for Computer Assisted Design) is a speciality that permit us to provide to you high quality 3D modeling for industrial or marketing purpose. With it, we can create for you all kind of shapes to sublimate your products.

We work using Autodesk Alias Surface for Class A grade 3d Models in Nurbs (industrial grade method) or Mesh (video games and CGI grade method).

What is CGI :

            CGI (for Computer Generated Images) is a speciality that permit us to provide to you high quality rendering and animations. With it, you can communicate on your projects or show things that are not easily makeable or impossible in reality.

We work using Autodesk 3DS Max and Corona Renderer for high quality 3d renders or animations.

It’s perfect for inside or outside communication to explain an innovation on your products, the internal operation or PSA (Point of Sale Advertising).

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