FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

                Here are some questions we have regularly:

Why use the services of an independent?

          When a need arises, there are several options available to our clients: expanding your business by hiring a new employee on your team is a risk for many companies because of the payroll costs and the rather heavy administrative treatment. Applying to a freelancer simplifies project management by outsourcing, better manage costs, have a single point of contact for invoicing and work and especially to get a fresh look at your company and your products. However some “rules” apply.

This also reduces the costs on the service performed. Indeed, a company can pass the bill under operating expenses and thus, not to have tax on its amount. In addition, it can recover VAT if available.

I have my own GCP (general conditions of purchase), can I bring them?

            We have our terms and conditions and it is not for nothing. However, it is possible to negotiate within reasonable limits our conditions. But beware, they are likely to be accepted only in case of real needs, guarantees could be requested.

Is it possible to have a non-disclosure agreement signed before you even talk about the project in more detail (before drawing up an estimate)?

            Of course, we have no interest in disclosing your information. You do not want to say too much to protect yourself and we respect that. That’s why we treat each quote request with the utmost confidentiality, regardless of the work that will be done or the confidentiality of the project. We agree to sign non-disclosure agreements as long as they do not substitute for a quote or disguised GCPs and respect our values. However, we reserve the right to break this confidentiality in the event of an unlawful or highly immoral request.

I signed a quote, but I no longer have the money to pay the project, is it possible to move the billing dates without changing the dates of monitoring or delivery of the project?

            If possible, never sign a quote that you can not honor. Unfortunately, it is possible that financial difficulties can be felt in the middle of a project. In this case, we can propose a new schedule, but the dates of follow-ups and deliveries being according to the billing dates, they will be automatically moved. Depending on the type of project, the maximum delay is 3 to 6 months without additional costs. For any postage exceeding 6 months, a penalty of 5% of the estimate per additional month is automatically due until cancellation or resumption of the project.

I have a very urgent project, it must be done very quickly. I mean right now.

            Mastering one’s own deadlines avoids a potentially dangerous situation. If your project has to be treated urgently, we offer you a specific type of contract, more expensive than our usual rates, but which compensates for the sacrifices we have to make to meet deadlines (your project is a priority, we work outside our normal hours as well as weekends, no down payment requested …). To avoid trivializing the thing, we only offer this type of contract once per client and only for the first 10 to 20 days of the service. For more information, you can consult the Terms and Conditions.

And VAT in all this?

            We are a microenterprise, in fact, we are not liable VAT. In fact, not at the beginning. From 33 000 euros of projects, the VAT is automatically due. But rest assured, you will never be asked to pay VAT if it is not planned at the base.

I am abroad, how is it for project follow-ups?

            For follow-ups and deliveries, we propose to present the project to you. Provided your business is not too far away from us. Otherwise, everything is done via Skype and email. We share our screen so that the presentation is fluid.

I am using your services for one of my clients as an intermediary. Is this a problem for you?

            No, provided that we have the details of the client to see with him the technical details and the direction of the project. In this case we contact you for billing and deliverables. The goal is to provide the same quality of service with the least amount of time lost on returns (because the more intermediaries there are, the longer and more complex the decision-making process). The second goal is to limit attempts to steal intellectual property or copying copy without agreement or plagiarism. For this, we must be informed from the beginning of the project when drawing up the estimate. If this is not the case, that we notice that the returns are chaotic and that the information that we learn about the project from several people with conflicting opinions, your company may be blacklisted in our company and our partners.

I received an email warning me that I was blacklisted, what does it mean?

            When the customer’s obligations (described in the GTC) are not respected or in case of explicit abuse by the customer (incessant returns to a previous phase of the project, unrealistic requests or significantly different from the estimate, slow or chaotic customer returns … etc.), we allow ourselves the right to “blacklist” a company indefinitely. This implies that your company, as well as the various people who have actively participated in the project(s) will no longer be able to work with us and our partners (or at least, will suffer a very important price penalty). This does not exclude possible legal prosecution cases. A blacklisted customer can not claim any reduction, limited offer or any benefit whatsoever. The confidentiality of projects will be limited to the delivery date in the best case and no blind contract can be issued. Our company will reserve an additional delay of 2 weeks before the issuance of a quote and the complete billing must be prior to the delivery of the deliverables. But rest assured, we only blacklist if it is really necessary and the fault is explicit.

Chantal and Fred (form acomptant) want to give their opinion on the artistic direction of the project, can they?

            Even if I do not doubt their ability to judge the artistic choices, we know from experience that more are our interlocutors, more chaotic are the returns. It is for this reason that we make contact in priority with managers (business leader, marketing, sales, accounting … etc.) and do not take the opinion of other intermediaries into account. You are free to ask them for their opinion and to let us know if they correspond to you.

I have to close my business, am I obliged to pay you?

            Whether the closure of your business is due to legal problems or on your own initiative, it is legitimate to let us know so we can plan your departure and in this case, a prorated calculation of the amount due will be made (since it is a mutual or even compulsory cancellation of the project).

What are your rates?

Our services are diverse, it is impossible for us to set a standard rate.

In the case of a standard contract, a quote is issued to let you know the cost of your request. Our basic daily rates are between 180 and 700 euros excluding tax depending on the services. additional costs are to be expected according to the conditions of the project (travel expenses, confidentiality, copyright, deadlines, … etc …).

In the case of a blind contract, the daily rate is 1 250 euros including VAT for the first 10 days then 1600 euros for the following 10 days (limited to 20 calendar days and only once per customer).


               Here are some of the phrases we hear too often in the creative trades, most of which come from the fact that most people are used to underpaying benefits. It’s not their fault, they just ignore the reality of the jobs. Some, however, show a lack of respect and esteem. We have compiled them here to allow everyone to know the problems faced by many artists and designers.

Why do not I use the services of a freelance?

            Contrary to popular belief, freelance is not free. A freelancer is only an independent who has chosen to use the word freelance to represent his activity.

Or better, a trainee or a student?

Students (live or through a school) are learning and therefore do not have the same knowledge or experience. In addition they also have their studies (courses, school projects, free time). Project times will be much longer. A school is not an agency, so it is not legitimate to ask them for a quality in identical or higher projects.

As for trainees, there are legal obligations to their reception. In particular concerning the accompaniment and the prohibition to impose a performance objective (even implicit). It is also illegal to “rotate” trainees to fill a position. But that, you already know it … isn’t it?

If you are able to host a trainee, I advise you to follow the Facebook (or Twitter) of “pigeon gratuit” to be sure that your proposal is correct, legal and does not replace an offer of employment or a call for projects.

And volunteering?

            If for you, any work deserves pay, volunteering will be reserved for nonprofit organizations that exist (almost) only through donations. In ALL cases, it must be at the initiative of the independent and can not be imposed by a company without passing for theft of expertise. Volunteering is a noble practice, it is our duty to keep it that way.

Can we pay in visibility / notoriety / fame?

            Visibility is unfortunately not yet a currency recognized by the states. You can not pay your traditional baguette, your rent or repay your credits by the mere notoriety given by our customers. That’s why you can not pay in visibility with us. In addition, we consider that this practice is a camouflaged forced volunteering, so very badly seen in creative circles and unthinkable in all other areas.

And if I pay in one go, could I have a discount ... say 50%?

            Well no. We never charge billing fees, so we can not refund what we do not charge. Even if this were the case, it would probably not represent half of the benefit. You are free to pay cash before the service or in advance of the billing deadlines, if that suits you. Otherwise, I invite you to read the GTC for any questions about billing.

Why do you refuse to lower your rates by XX%? We worked with people who cost us much less. / it is the norm to reduce prices to convince the customer.

            We all have different charges and in fact the rates of each can not be identical. But the real question is: why do not you work with them anymore?

I know how much your work is worth (or at least I think), I would only pay XXXX for your work, not a cent more.

            In this case, I invite you to go elsewhere. We know our job and the cost it represents. If it’s too high for you, it does not change anything for us. Seeking to intimidate us will be useless.

What if I give you the chance to work for me for free / with reduced pay?

            Working for free (or below normal rates) is not a chance, neither for you (because the result will be of very poor quality) nor for those with whom you work (because they will lose their time and money for you make an imposed gift). This is, for us, a highly dishonest practice that we denounce.

So if I do not have / very few financial means, how do I do?

            Take the time to think about it, if you do not have the means, need not insist, you will only get a sloppy result (or at best, very bad). You can, however, reduce your expectations, for example, sacrificing confidentiality or delaying your deadlines can help you reduce costs while having a pleasant result. Not enough yet? Ask for fewer deliverables or reduce the number of projects, prototypes or just the share of work delegated to the provider. Funding concerns happen and we are aware of this, but they do not justify the precariousness of your providers.

This is the black Friday / sales period / other period of reduction, you can offer us a part of the benefit?

            We never practice reductions on benefits, regardless of the time of year. Which means that we never graciously and unrequitedly gives our work, even partially.

Who does not try anything ...

            Be careful not to force too much, the business world is governed by many rules and most of those who use this saying in every way to justify their illegal actions suffer the consequences.

I paid for that ?! I could have done it in 3 seconds with Photoshop!

           There are three possible answers here, take the one that suits you:

– Why did not you do it yourself if it was so easy?

– Please, show me how to do my job (stand up and invite the customer to sit in front of the computer).

– I want to remind you that it was my expertise, our exchanges and the creative process that I followed that led us to this result. If it does not suit you, I can not do anything for you.

In any case, do not expect to get a refund with this sentence. Because by this one, you discredit yourself as a serious or professional customer and insult us at the same time.

Here is your invoice of (exorbitant price not corresponding to any of our expenses or requests) at (company unknown and not registered in the register of companies) (document in attachment in a strange format or in link).

            Seriously, we are not pigeons. We keep our cash up to date and are aware of the methods used during scam attempts and the dangers of the net.

If you were really passionate, you would work for free.

In passion, money is not a motor but to be passionate is not to be exploited either. It’s not because we love the job that we do that we have to do it for free.