FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

                Here are some questions we have regularly:

When a need arises, there are several options available to our clients: expanding your business by hiring a new employee on your team is a risk for many companies because of the payroll costs and the rather heavy administrative treatment. Applying to a freelancer simplifies project management by outsourcing, better manage costs, have a single point of contact for invoicing and work and especially to get a fresh look at your company and your products. However some “rules” apply.

This also reduces the costs on the service performed. Indeed, a company can pass the bill under operating expenses and thus, not to have tax on its amount. In addition, it can recover VAT if available.

We have our terms and conditions and it is not for nothing. However, it is possible to negotiate within reasonable limits our conditions. But beware, they are likely to be accepted only in case of real needs, guarantees could be requested.

Of course, we have no interest in disclosing your information. You do not want to say too much to protect yourself and we respect that. That’s why we treat each quote request with the utmost confidentiality, regardless of the work that will be done or the confidentiality of the project. We agree to sign non-disclosure agreements as long as they do not substitute for a quote or disguised GCPs and respect our values. However, we reserve the right to break this confidentiality in the event of an unlawful or highly immoral request.

If possible, never sign a quote that you can not honor. Unfortunately, it is possible that financial difficulties can be felt in the middle of a project. In this case, we can propose a new schedule, but the dates of follow-ups and deliveries being according to the dates of invoicing, they will be automatically moved. Depending on the type of project, the maximum delay is 3 to 6 months without additional costs. For any postage exceeding 6 months, a penalty of 5% of the estimate per additional month is automatically due until cancellation or resumption of the project.

In the case of late payment without being informed, fees will be due (in accordance with our terms and conditions)

We are a microenterprise, in fact, we are not liable VAT. In fact, not at the beginning. From 33 000 euros of projects, the VAT is automatically due. But rest assured, you will never be asked to pay VAT if it is not planned at the base.

For follow-ups and deliveries, we propose to present the project to you. Provided your business is not too far away from us. Otherwise, everything is done via Skype and email. We share our screen so that the presentation is fluid.

No, provided that we have the details of the client to see with him the technical details and the direction of the project. In this case we contact you for billing and deliverables. The goal is to provide the same quality of service with the least amount of time lost on returns (because the more intermediaries there are, the longer and more complex the decision-making process). The second goal is to limit attempts to steal intellectual property or copying copy without agreement or plagiarism. For this, we must be informed from the beginning of the project when drawing up the estimate.

Even if I do not doubt their ability to judge the artistic choices, we know from experience that more are our interlocutors, more chaotic are the returns. It is for this reason that we make contact in priority with managers (business leader, marketing, sales, accounting … etc.) and do not take the opinion of other intermediaries into account. You are free to ask them for their opinion and to let us know if they correspond to you.

Whether the closure of your business is due to legal problems or on your own initiative, it is legitimate to let us know so we can plan your departure and in this case, a prorated calculation of the amount due will be made (since it is a mutual or even compulsory cancellation of the project).

What is a

Freelance ?

Rest assured, the freelance (also called “freelance” in some millies) is not a mysterious character. It is simply a person who has chosen to live his professional life other than through the standard salary model. The reasons can be many but they are often personal (often for the purpose of a better quality of life). It’s a more flexible lifestyle that has many benefits, especially for their clients.

The advantages of an independent designer

(maybe not everywhere but in any case, here is guaranteed!)

Available and flexible

To strengthen your team during a project or to temporarily replace one of your employees. The independent is THE person most suited to your needs.

You are informed, even remotely

The problems of long-distance relationship between collaborator, it’s over. Thanks to our Discord, appointments are simple, without installation or problem and you are kept informed in real time.

Up to 50% savings

The biggest advantage of a freelancer is his rate, which can be much cheaper than an employee *.

* = It is noted that according to the request, additional fees may be requested. When we compare the cost of an employee to that of a self-employed person, it is from the point of view of an employer during a conventional CDI contract where the expenses (in particular those of the contributions) and the cost (machines, employee’s licenses, salary benefits, etc.) correspond to approximately double or triple his net salary. Of course, an independent is not intended to replace an employee, it is there to respond to a specific request, regular not supported over time or to bring novelty and another vision on the products and / or the company .

The disadvantages of an independent designer

He is equal to you

Unlike an employee, an independent manages its own structure. You can not be his only client and the only document he will follow with care is the estimate that you will draw together.

His role as a collaborator is that the project is going at best, not to mention its profitability.

Copyrights and data ownership

Just like any designer, an independent must be able to present his work without doubts of intellectual property.

Nor is he obliged to give the source files or the prototypes he has produced.

Despite this, a sales contract is often negotiable but will never be implicit in the quote.

Science fiction fan

As an enthusiast, he may be talking to you – for example – about Tatooine, Ford Perfect, Floston Paradise or the ship brand Anvil.

It’s not mandatory, but it’s a risk *


* = Of course, this is not a real disadvantage. The purpose of a project and also is especially to be happy to imagine projects that will make other people’s lives better. It seems important to (sometimes) step back and talk about other things. And if you are not very “science fiction”, I am sure that we will get along well on other subject. Being professional is a good thing, but letting go, getting out of your comfort zone or just being yourself is even better.

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