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Industrial Designer ?

Whether your goal is to create a product, vehicle, or service, you’re in the right place. With many experiences in industrial design and style modeling, especially in the automotive and luxury sectors, I can accompany you to carry out your project in the best conditions and time.

What is Industrial Design:

          It’s the art of mixing aesthetics, ergonomics, standards, semiology, uses with budgets and many other notions … for a specific client. To achieve this, an industrial designer needs to become an expert in many areas according to your needs and gives you advice as well as experience and skills.
            I am able to follow your projects from decision making to commercial launch to see more (product life).
            Watchmaking, the automotive industry, video games and many other areas are already working with industrial designers. Why not you ?

Innovez, sortez des sentiers battus, pour un monde meilleur pour tous. Jéré - Designer industriel Indépendant

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3D Modeling Designer ?

Among the tools that a designer must master, 3D modeling is one of the most important. Thanks to my skills in car quality style modeling (Class A and higher), I am able to convert your requests into realistic projects. Whether for the industry or for entertainment.

What is 3D Modeling Style:

           CAD Modeling (for Computer Assisted Design) is a specialty that provides high quality 3D models for industrial and marketing purposes. Thanks to this, it is possible to create for you all kinds of forms to sublimate your products.

           I work with Autodesk Alias ​​Surface or Autostudio (depending on the capabilities of the client) for Class A quality models in Nurbs (industrial method) or Mesh (Suitable for video games and 3D computer graphics).

Innovez, sortez des sentiers battus, pour un monde meilleur pour tous. Jéré - Designer industriel Indépendant

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CG Artist ?

To know how to model is good, to be able to sell one’s product dynamically by a video or thanks to the PLV (advertising on place of sale), it is better! This type of service consists of transforming your 3D files into synthetic images (going as far as hyper-realism) so that you can better prepare your launch and more …

What is 3D Computer Graphics (CGI):

            3D computer graphics or CGI (Computer Generated Images) is a specialty that allows you to bring you images or animations of high quality. Thanks to this, it is possible to communicate effectively your projects As well as to allow you to present projects difficult to achieve or impossible in reality.

           I work with Autodesk 3DS Max and Corona Renderer for high quality 3D renderings and animations.

           This specialty is perfect for internal or external communication to explain the innovations of your products, for internal use or point-of-sale advertising.

Innovez, sortez des sentiers battus, pour un monde meilleur pour tous. Jéré - Designer industriel Indépendant

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Graphic / UI designer ?

Do you want to modernize your image or work on the aesthetics of the interfaces of your products? Perfect ! You are in the right place.

What is graphic design?

            To control a brand identity, good graphic design is important. A logo with a strong identity and a message that correctly represents your values ​​is a good way to reassure your customers about the seriousness of your business.

Innovez, sortez des sentiers battus, pour un monde meilleur pour tous. Jéré - Designer industriel Indépendant

What is UI and UX:

            UI (for User Interface) and UX (for User eXperience) are closely linked to industrial design and graphics. Although often confused, their roles are very different. The UI is also called Human Interface Interface (HMI). These are the commands for the user and how the information is displayed. While the UX is the path (the scenario) that the user goes through when using the product or service.

Innovez, sortez des sentiers battus, pour un monde meilleur pour tous. Jéré - Designer industriel Indépendant
Innovez, sortez des sentiers battus, pour un monde meilleur pour tous. Jéré - Designer industriel Indépendant

How to find us?

In VOIP or textual on Discord

VOIP, Screen Sharing, without mandatory installation, all secure and free, the choice was fast to know which communication utility is the most suitable for our customers. But the best is still that we publish all our exclusivity before social networks, for all registered. Click here for more information !

Phone Call

From Monday to Friday from 9h to 18h and Saturday from 12h to 16h, you can reach me on the +33(0)7 68 73 07 94.
I unfortunately receive a lot of malicious calls and in fact, it is possible that I miss your call, do not hesitate to leave a message indicating your contact information.

by eMail

If you are more "Old School", it is also possible to contact me by eMail at and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.
According to my availability of course.

Or on social networks (where you can also follow me)

What is a

Freelance ?

Rest assured, the freelance (also called “freelance” in some millies) is not a mysterious character. It is simply a person who has chosen to live his professional life other than through the standard salary model. The reasons can be many but they are often personal (often for the purpose of a better quality of life). It’s a more flexible lifestyle that has many benefits, especially for their clients.

The advantages of an independent designer

(maybe not everywhere but in any case, here is guaranteed!)

Available and flexible

To strengthen your team during a project or to temporarily replace one of your employees. The independent is THE person most suited to your needs.

You are informed, even remotely

The problems of long-distance relationship between collaborator, it’s over. Thanks to our Discord, appointments are simple, without installation or problem and you are kept informed in real time.

Up to 50% savings

The biggest advantage of a freelancer is his rate, which can be much cheaper than an employee *.

* = It is noted that according to the request, additional fees may be requested. When we compare the cost of an employee to that of a self-employed person, it is from the point of view of an employer during a conventional CDI contract where the expenses (in particular those of the contributions) and the cost (machines, employee’s licenses, salary benefits, etc.) correspond to approximately double or triple his net salary. Of course, an independent is not intended to replace an employee, it is there to respond to a specific request, regular not supported over time or to bring novelty and another vision on the products and / or the company .

The disadvantages of an independent designer

He is equal to you

Unlike an employee, an independent manages its own structure. You can not be his only client and the only document he will follow with care is the estimate that you will draw together.

His role as a collaborator is that the project is going at best, not to mention its profitability.

Copyrights and data ownership

Just like any designer, an independent must be able to present his work without doubts of intellectual property.

Nor is he obliged to give the source files or the prototypes he has produced.

Despite this, a sales contract is often negotiable but will never be implicit in the quote.

Science fiction fan

As an enthusiast, he may be talking to you – for example – about Tatooine, Ford Perfect, Floston Paradise or the ship brand Anvil.

It’s not mandatory, but it’s a risk *


* = Of course, this is not a real disadvantage. The purpose of a project and also is especially to be happy to imagine projects that will make other people’s lives better. It seems important to (sometimes) step back and talk about other things. And if you are not very “science fiction”, I am sure that we will get along well on other subject. Being professional is a good thing, but letting go, getting out of your comfort zone or just being yourself is even better.

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All information will be useful to provide you with the best estimate for your needs and to ensure the quality of the project and the relationship between employees.
This quote system is open 24/7 and we are committed to providing your personalized quote within 48 hours maximum, even on weekends and holidays.
If for you, answering a questionnaire is not natural, do not hesitate to contact us via email (, phone (07 68 73 07 94) or through our server Discord (

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Why only 2 criteria?
This allows us to know your priorities regarding the progress of the project.
For example, a project where you check the quality and the low price will be more diffuse in time while a project that will advocate the respect of time and quality will necessarily be more expensive because priority.

For information: if you want to reduce the costs of the service, we advise you to select " Remote ".
Indeed, the services "in class" " require additional costs (travel, temporary accommodation, extended hours (due to additional travel time), ...) in addition to the operating costs of the studio (licenses, equipment, electricity, ...).
This last type of service also requires the customer to buy or rent a high-performance machine and expensive software licenses.

For technical reasons, we no longer use Skype. We replaced this tool with Discord.
To find out more about the reasons that led us to such a change, click on this link:

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Innovez, sortez des sentiers battus, pour un monde meilleur pour tous. Jéré - Designer industriel Indépendant


I introduce myself, Jérémy Aubert, fans of science fiction, passionate about cars and design in general. I love creating things and bringing new experiences.

Our mission

Independent industrial designer specializing in automotive design / product and 3D modeling style, I offer my services to improve your products and make your customer’s life better.

Vos Avis Clients


Vos avis Clients

SARD Star Citizen 21 Novembre 2019

[ Client Confirmé ] Professionnel avéré qui connait son métier ! A l'écoute du client, force de proposition, les échanges sont fréquent ne laissant pas les projet dans le flou. Les aller retours sont constructifs et de qualités avec une approche satisfaction client très poussée. Je recommande les yeux fermés pour tout type de travaux liés au design et au graphisme !

Mirror Mirror Escape Game 07 Novembre 2019

[ Client Confirmé ] Merci d'avoir créé le masque du "miroir magique", il représente ce que nous voulions. Les clients apprécient beaucoup, cela facilite leur immersion et ajoute du réalisme au thème fantastique de notre salle"evil witch".

François Aubert 4 Novembre 2019

[ Client Confirmé ] Un véritable passionné qui ne compte pas ses heures pour vous fournir un travail irréprochable. Prenez votre temps pour définir avec lui ce que vous désirez vraiment dès le départ de votre projet. Excellent suivi. Un véritable pro !!!

Christiane Baldibia 3 Avril 2019

[ Client Confirmé ] Un professionnel aux idées originales et innovantes